Flat Lays! Should I buy one?

Flat lays are a wonderful prop to add to your tool bag. They have so many amazing uses that will help bring your business to the next level. Here are 5 ways a flat lay can be beneficial to you!


Have you ever been photographing details at a wedding such as rings, bouquets, shoes, stationary, etc.? Did you have trouble finding a clean area to capture all these fine details? Probably! My guess is a hotel bed, floor, staircase or some random hallway right? Flat lays are the answer to your problem! They provide a perfect clean background to photograph on! They come in several colors so you can match the décor of the wedding!

New studios outfits

Maybe you just got the cutest newborn outfit or headband for your studio. Of course the first thing your going to want to do is share it with all your followers right? These provide a quick and easy way to take a shot for social media! It also keeps your Instagram feed looking pretty and uniformed.

Selling handmade items

Do you make your own props? Most of us photographers do! Flat lays provide a great way to market your handmade gifts and sell them to other photographers!

Stock Photography

Maybe your thinking about making your own stock images to sell as digital files. Flat lays give you a variety of different colors and backgrounds to choose from! For example, if you're photographing makeup products you may want a pink background. If you're photographing Christmas objects you may choose a red one! Having multiple colors provides quick and easy ways to capture gorgeous images. In the image below I'm working with two! A mini Pink flat lay and large blue flat lay.

Flat Lay's can make you more money! They provide a nice look to your online presence and it's appealing to the eye. The detail shots are everything for a bride! With perfect detail images on your portfolio you are sure to get more clients! If your thinking about ordering a flat lay you absolutely should! You will not regret you decision as there are so many wonderful uses for them. Order here and choose from multiple colors!

Watch this short video and see the flay lay in action!

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