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What is a Mockup?

Updated: Apr 11

Have you ever wondered why so many t-shirt companies have such beautiful images of their shirts/sweaters? It's because they use mockups!

Professional mockups are one of the biggest secrets to running a successful t-shirt business.

What is a mockup you may ask? It's simply a photo of a blank shirt or sweater. These are downloadable photos that allow you to copy and paste your design right on top the professional image. Boom! So easy!

Do you make your shirts with a circut, heat press, silhouette or screen prints, etc.? Then after all that hard work you try to take a picture with your cell phone, but it doesn't look as nice as you would like. Maybe the lighting is off, or you don't have the props you would like. Let's not mention the amount of time!

Mockups will fix all your problems and give your shop a professional and cohesive look. This will make your shop look so much more attractive to potential buyers!

If the images look professional your sales will increase. It's a win, win!

Check out The Mockup Boutique Company on Etsy. I have holiday, mommy and me, boho and family mockups on the shop!

You can also get free Monthly Mockups here.


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