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What is a styled shoot? How does it help my photography business?

Are you looking at getting into the wedding industry but don't really know where to begin? Participating in a styled shoot is the perfect way to break into the wedding industry.

What is a Styled Shoot?

Styled shoots are essentially fake weddings put together by multiple creatives to be photographed. This is an opportunity for wedding vendors to showcase their stunning work. Bakers can create a stunning cake that goes with the chosen theme of the styled shoot. Florist can create bouquets and boutonnieres for the models to use. Makeup artist, especially new ones, have an opportunity to show a variety of different looks and skills. Photographers get an opportunity to showcase their camera skills and all the vendors get a gallery of images! This is a hug opportunity for photographers to add images to their portfolio and get an idea of what a wedding entails. It's truly a win win for everyone involved. All the creatives get a gallery from each participating photographer, and they can use the professional images on their own social media platforms. Having professional photos is so important as a small business owner. A styled shoot allows everyone the opportunity to show off their creative skills and what they can offer their future wedding clients.

Fall into Love Styled Shoot

Here is an example of my "Fall into Love" Styled Shoot. Fall it is my absolute favorite time of year. Being in Colorado we have the perfect weather and colors, so I had a vision I wanted to come to life.

The first step I did was create a mood bored. This is essentially a collage full of different ideas I wanted to bring to life. After I nailed down a solid plan I reached out to vendors. I started off with finding a venue to host us. This particular shoot was hosted by a brand-new venue in Colorado, Springs called Black Forest Meadows. They were just opening their doors, so this was a perfect way to showcase the new venue.

I then reached out on some of my local photography and modeling pages on Facebook to find models. The models love the idea of modeling and receiving a gallery of photos for their portfolio. Cheyenne and her husband Jessie were the first ones to reach out. They were the perfect couple and made my vision even better than what I imagined. Having a real-life couple is one of the best things you can do for your styled shoot because they have chemistry that portrays in the images, and they are comfortable in front of the camera together.

I also found an amazing person to create stationary for flat lay photos and they were gorgeous!

You can check out her amazing work on Instagram @cashmoredesigns

We had several other creatives make this vision come to life including a Mobil bar, baker, florist, roller bottles and table decor. It was truly a scene out of a movie!

Overall, styled shoots are fun for all vendors involved. It's definitely a lot of work to host and organize, but totally worth breaking into the wedding industry as a vendor.

You can join my Facebook Group and stay up to date on feature styled shoots.

Here is a list of all the wonderful vendors involved in my Fall into Love Shoot.

Alexandria Lopez (me) Serendipity Studios Photography

Silver Orange Boutique- Roller Bottles

Cashmore Designs- Stationery

The Cascade Queen- Florist

Sweet Ride Bakeshop- Baker

Sugarman Mobil Bar- Bar

Chef n Boots- Bartender

Cheyenne and Jessie- Models

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